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A different Christmas BAND AID Do they know itīs Christmas

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A different Christmas        

In 1985 a group of artists reunited to record a worldwide hit to make everyone think about the famine in Africa. Bob Geldof was the promoter of that project.
In 2005, twenty years after the big event, another concert was given and some of the stars who perfomed in the original concert twenty years ago, like Madonna, performed again to raise money for Africa.
 1985     2005
Band Aid  -  Do they know itīs Christmas
Listen and fill in the gaps.
Itīs Christmas , thereīs no need  afraid
Itīs  time, we let in  and we banish shade
and in our  of plenty we can spread a  of joy
Throw your  around the  at Christmas time
But say a , pray for the other ones
At Christmas time itīs , but when youīre having
Thereīs a world outside your
and itīs a world of dread and
Where the only  flowing is the bitter sting of
and the Christmas  that ring there
are the clanging chimes of doom
Well tonight thanks  itīs them instead of
And it wonīt be  in  this Christmas time
the greatest  theyīll get this  itīs
When nothing ever grows, no  nor  flows
Do they know itīs Christmas  at all?
Hereīs to
Raise a  for everyone
Hereīs to them
Underneath that burning
Do they know itīs  time at all?
Feed the ,  the world
Feed  world
Let them know itīs  time again
Feed the
Let them know itīs  time
Feed the ,  the world
Feed  world
Let them know itīs  time again
Feed the
Let them know itīs  time