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Wake up alone- Amy Winehouse

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"Wake Up Alone"
Write the missing nouns and choose the right adjectives:
It's okay in the  I'm staying 
Tied up enough so I don't have to wonder where is he
Got so  of crying
So just lately
When I catch myself I do a 180
I stay up clean the 
At least I'm not drinking
Run around just so I don't have to think about thinking
That silent sense of content
That everyone gets
Just disappears soon as the  sets

This  in my  seizes my guts
He floods me with dread
Soaked in soul
He swims in my  by the bed
Pour myself over him 
spilling in
And I wake up alone
Number the sentences in the order you hear them:

I'd rather be restless
The second I stop the sleep catches up and I'm breathless
If I was my heart
As my day is done now
The dark covers me and I cannot run now
It's all I can do to assure him

I drip for him tonight
Drowning in me we bathe under blue light

I stand before him
This ache in my chest
When he comes to me
My blood running cold

And I wake up alone
And I wake up alone
And I wake up alone
And I wake up alone

Let's sing this song!