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LINKING WORDS -1 (both....and/not only.....but also/either......or/ neither.....nor) (2PAGES)
Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
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Both... and/ Either... or/ Neither... nor/ Not only... but also
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Age: 13-14
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LINKING WORDS-3 (B&W+KEY included)
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Both....and, either... or, neither...nor, not only..but also - rules and exercises
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Age: 10-100
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so adj that s , both … and ,either … or , neither… nor, not only … but also, too ..to , as adj as
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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Level: advanced
Age: 12-17
Downloads: 44


PAIRED CONJUNCTIONS - all about friendship
Rewrite the sentences using the paired conjunctions given in brackets.
Make any necessary changes. DO NOT USE ANY PUNCTUATION MARKS!
Tom doesn't lie to his friends. Paul doesn't either. (neither...nor)
Neither Tom nor Paul lie to their friends.
1. Fred likes helping his friends. So does Linda.
2. Harry used to date Ann. Or was it Helen?
3. We should learn to accept our weaknesses and our strengths.
(not only...but also)
4. He never listens to or advises his friends when they have a problem.
5. I've betrayed your trust. I've betrayed your love for me.
(not only...but also)
6. He felt disappointed. He felt misunderstood.
7. Brian isn't very considerate. Neither is Tom.
8. A true friend is someone who is caring and loving.
9. Rachel should apologise or leave.
10. Richard and John didn't keep her secret.
Now choose the most meaningful option.
1. Who wrote you this love letter? - I'm not sure. I think it was ___ Michael ___ Paul.
2. ___ Linda ___ Helen called to say sorry. I'm very sad and frustrated.
3. ___ Ryan ___ Susie have disappointed me. They didn't come to my birthday party.
4. Paul has been neglecting us. He ___ calls ___ hangs out with us anymore.
5. He hurt  ___ her feelings ___ her dignity. This is unforgivable.
6. ___ loyalty ___ honesty are essential in a friendship.
7. You should ___ disrespect ___ deceive your friends.
8. I will take you ___ to the cinema ___ to the theatre. That's a promise.



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