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My things

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My things.

1. Listen and write in the word.




2. Listen, read and write in the word.

It's rainy today.


It's rainy today. Can we watch a ?                            It's sunny today. Can we play out in the ?

It's rainy today. Can we play our new ?                     It's sunny today. We can have a lot of .

It's a rainy today. Can we watch ?                             Can we  and can we ?

Can you watch a  with me?                                      Can you play with  all day?

It's a rainy day.

3. Read and write.

I love football and I've got a collection of football stickers. I've got 60 stickers and they're in a special sticker book. My friends have got sticker collections, too. I give my friends some of my stickers and they give me some of their stickers. Tomy,9.

I've got a great collection of badges. I've got 50 badges. They are on a scarf on my bedroom wall. I wear the badges on my jackets, bags and hats. They're really cool! Emily,10

My brother and I have got a collection of comics. We've got 100 comics. We like reading comics because they're very funny. Our comics are in our bedroom. Our dad buys us two new comics every Saturday. Mark,9.

 1.  loves football.

2. 's got 100 comics.

3.  likes reading comics.

4. 's got a badge collection.

5. 's got 60 stickers.

6.  wears badges on her jackets.