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2 Exercises for Kindergarten Children

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Age: 5-14
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Christmas Set (7) - "I Love Christmas!" - Reading + Speaking activities for Upper Elementary/Lower intermediate students
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Age: 11-12
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Christmas night
���� Study the picture and answer the questions� Smile- Yes Disapprove- No
  1. The rabbit is pink. SmileDisapprove
  2. The rabbit is yellow.Smile Disapprove
  3. There are a lot of presents in the picture.SmileDisapprove
  4. There is only one present in the picture.SmileDisapprove
  5. It is summer.SmileDisapprove
  6. It is winter.SmileDisapprove
  7. The car is green.SmileDisapprove
  8. The car is red.Smile Disapprove
  9. It is day.SmileDisapprove
  10. It is night.Smile Disapprove
  11. I can see the sun in the sky.Smile Disapprove
  12. I can see the moon and the stars in the sky.SmileDisapprove

  1. I can see a
  2. I can see a
  3. I can see a
  4. I can see a
  5. I can see a
  6. I can see a
  7. I can see a