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Present Perfect (19.11.09)

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Present Perfect


A.   Complete the sentences with the verbs in The Present Perfect tense.


1. She  (buy) a new dress.

2. He  (drink) a glass of milk.
3. They  (cook) dinner.
4. William and Sue  (play) chess with me.
5. Mrs Dean  (clean) the house.
6. My parents  (visit) my grandparents.
7. We  (wash) our hair.
8. Sue  (study) a lot for the test.
9. Emily  (swim) in the sea.
10. Vera  (live) in Paris for a long time.
11. Karl and Sue  (pay) for the dinner.
12. I  (have) my breakfast before coming here.
13.  you  (begin) to solve the exercise?
14.  Peter  (say) anything wrong?
15 Paul  (see) her for a long time.
16. You  (be) here for me.
17. Claire  (wear) glasses for a long time.
18. My cousins  (do) a good job.
19. I  (carry) that heavy bag by myself.
20. Julia and I  (meet) Mr Brown yet.
21. They  (understand) the explanation.
22. My neighbours  (know) about it by the newspapers.
23. Helen  (drive) a taxi yet.
24. He  (read) many books since he arrived.
25. We  (send) an email.