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Present Perfect (19.11.09)

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Present Perfect

A.�� Complete the sentences with the verbs in The Present Perfect tense.

1. She �(buy) a new dress.

2. He �(drink) a glass of milk.
3. They �(cook) dinner.
4. William and Sue �(play) chess with me.
5. Mrs Dean �(clean) the house.
6. My parents �(visit) my grandparents.
7. We �(wash) our hair.
8. Sue �(study) a lot for the test.
9. Emily �(swim) in the sea.
10. Vera �(live) in Paris for a long time.
11. Karl and Sue �(pay) for the dinner.
12. I �(have) my breakfast before coming here.
13. �you �(begin) to solve the exercise?
14. �Peter �(say) anything wrong?
15 Paul �(see) her for a long time.
16. You �(be) here for me.
17. Claire �(wear) glasses for a long time.
18. My cousins �(do) a good job.
19. I �(carry) that heavy bag by myself.
20. Julia and I �(meet) Mr Brown yet.
21. They �(understand) the explanation.
22. My neighbours �(know) about it by the newspapers.
23. Helen �(drive) a taxi yet.
24. He �(read) many books since he arrived.
25. We �(send) an email.