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Verb to be

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                                                     VERB 'TO BE' FOR KIDS
                              plane, kite, ruler, teddy, rubber, cat, snake, pencil, dog, bag, frog, book, pen, ball, tiger,  
                                                                 NAME PICTURES
 VERB TO BE:    is, are.                                          Positive sentences.         
    1.  It is a bag.                           2.Rulers are brown.                             3. A frog is green.                             4. They are pencils.
 Put is or are.
   a) Dogs brown.                 b) Teddy grey.         c) It  a tiger.                         d) They  planes.
Unscrable sentences.
a) dog / a / is / black.                     b) is / a / rubber. / it / 
c) pencils. / they / are                 d) are / tigers / brown.
                                                                        Negative sentences
                     It is a book.                                               They are pens.                          A snake is green.
                    It is not a ruler.                                           They are not pencils.                 A snake is not pink.
Change positive sentences into negative.
a)   They are tigers.    -                b) It is a doll.      -
c)   It is a pencil-case.-          d) They are cars.-
e)   Frogs are green. -                  f) A pen is blue. -
   They are balls.                                               It is a kite.                                       The pens are blue.
   Are they balls? Yes, they are.                         Is it a kite? Yes, it is                        Are the pens blue? Yes, they are
   Are they pens? No, they are not                     Is it a ball? No, it is not                    Are the pens pink? No, they are not
Put is or are and write short answers
a)      it a dog? Yes,  .                       b)  it ball?  No, .
 c)   they cats? Yes, .  d)    they pens? No, .
                                                                           More exercises
Put is or are
a)  Frogs  green.     
b) It  a ruler.
c)  they kites?
d) It  not a cat.
e) Pens  blue. 
f)  a ball orange?