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Fill in the blanks with SOME or ANY!
1.††††† Buyer†††††††† : I would like to buy† paper, please.

Seller††††††††† : Sure.

2.††††† Cindy†††††††† : Do you have †sunflower seeds?

Yoan †††††††† : Yes, we do.

3.††††† Donna††††††† : May I have †plain water, please?

Anny††††††††† : Sure. Here you are.

4.††††† Father††††††† : I need †sugar for my coffee.

Daughter††† : Here you are, Dad.

5.††††† Ella : Do you have† mango seeds?

Gina†††††††††† : Iím sorry. We donít have †.

6.††††† Mina††††††††† : Here is† banana cake for you.

Win††††††††††† : Thank you very much.

7.††††† Lia†††††† : Is there† flour left in the cupboard?

Helen†††††††† : Iím not sure. Let me check first. Hehm, yeah, thereís still †left.

8.††††† Ika : Do you need† help?

Ani: Yes, please. I need† fertilizer for my flowers.

Ika : Iím sorry. I donít have .

Ani: Itís okay. Thanks anyway.

9.††††† Chika†††††††† : Indy, do you have †story books at home?

Indy†††††††††† : Yes, I do. Why?

Chika†††††††† : May I borrow† ?

Indy†††††††††† : Of course. Tomorrow, Iíll bring †for you.

Chika†††††††† : Thanks a lot, Indy.

10.We donít want† cream with our tea. Thank you.