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Halloween (21.11.09)

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A. Find 13 words related to Halloween.


B. Choose the correct option.
1. Halloween is a very old tradition that comes from the ...
2. Halloween is celebrated in ...
3. The traditional colours used in Halloween are...
 red and black
 orange and black
 yellow and black
4. Children celebrate Halloween on...
5. A witch's best friend is a ...
 a dog
 a monkey
 a cat
6. When children go "trick or treat" they expect to receive...
7. On Halloween people usually wear costumes as...
 nurses and doctors
 bakers and cooks
 ghosts and monsters
8. Most common symbols on Halloween are...
 apples and pumpkins
 tables and chairs
 books and magazines
9. ... the apple is a traditional game on Halloween.
10. Since the middle ages ... were thought to be connected to evil.
11.  Nowadays  children cut the shape of eyes, nose and mouth in a ... and put a candle inside it.
12. The tradition of carving Jack-o-lanterns comes from a story of a man called ...
who tricked the devil.
13.  The origin of Halloween has its origin in celtic ceremonies called ...