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Have / Has --- Am /Is /Are

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Fill in the blanks with /am / is/ are / have / has.

1. I a taxi driver.

2. She a new house.

3.�Anna a�little girl.

4. We a small farm.

5. They �my new friends.

6. Tom short hair.

7. It cold today.

8.� He an old�car.

9. �Peter and I in the park.

10. You �a red�pencil box.

11. He riding a bike.
12.�The children� many toys.
13. You two cats.
1. I in the classroom.
2.Kate long hair.
3.The giraffe a long neck.
4.The boys hungry.
5. The tomato red.
6. The door �brown.

7. I and Rita �in Paris.

8. We �a black ball.

9. Dana not a tall girl.

10.The pupil �near the window.
11. She my young sister.
12. They �not at school today.
13. David and I soldiers.
1. You � not young.
2.�The kids�� playing now.
3.�That mana teacher.
4.�I and�Ben� late.
5.�She got a pink bag.
6.�My brother� 19 years old.
7. We singing a song now
8.�Tamar a�pupil.
9.�The girl��a puppy.
10.�My father� 55 years old.
11. Jack policeman.
12. She �a pretty bedroom.
13.�He from Canada.
Fill in the blanks with :/am / is/ are / have / has.

Meet me!

I a monster.
My name Bimbo.
I 99 years old.
My body �purple.
I �not thin. I fat.
I got green hair.
My eyes yellow.
I two big eyes.
My teeth small and yellow.
I got 15 teeth.
My mouth big too.
Look at my hands!
I two green hands.
My fingers green too.
I two big feet.
I not scary at all.
Let's play!

Meet my friend!

This monster my best friend.
His name Toro.
He always happy.
His body purple too.
We �both purple.
He got two big eyes.
His nose not small. It red.
He got a big mouth.
His teeth white.
He got 10 teeth.
Toro got ten fingers.
His hands very small.
He got two feet and 6 toes.
Toro a short monster.
My friend very funny,isn't he?

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