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Have / Has --- Am /Is /Are

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Fill in the blanks with /am / is/ are / have / has.

1. I a taxi driver.

2. She a new house.

3. Anna a little girl.

4. We a small farm.

5. They  my new friends.

6. Tom  short hair.

7. It cold today.

8.  He an old car.

9.  Peter and I in the park.

10. You  a red pencil box.

11. He riding a bike.
12. The children  many toys.
13. You two cats.
1. I in the classroom.
2.Kate long hair.
3.The giraffe a long neck.
4.The boys hungry.
5. The tomato red.
6. The door  brown.

7. I and Rita  in Paris.

8. We  a black ball.

9. Dana not a tall girl.

10.The pupil  near the window.
11. She  my young sister.
12. They  not at school today.
13. David and I soldiers.
1. You   not young.
2. The kids   playing now.
3. That man  a teacher.
4. I and Ben  late.
5. She got a pink bag.
6. My brother  19 years old.
7. We singing a song now
8. Tamar a pupil.
9. The girl  a puppy.
10. My father  55 years old.
11. Jack policeman.
12. She  a pretty bedroom.
13. He from Canada.
Fill in the blanks with :/am / is/ are / have / has.

Meet me!

I a monster.
My name Bimbo.
I 99 years old.
My body  purple.
I  not thin. I fat.
I got green hair.
My eyes yellow.
I two big eyes.
My teeth small and yellow.
I got 15 teeth.
My mouth big too.
Look at my hands!
I two green hands.
My fingers green too.
I two big feet.
I not scary at all.
Let's play!

 Meet my friend!

This monster my best friend.
His name Toro.
He always happy.
His body purple too.
We  both purple.
He got two big eyes.
His nose not small. It red.
He got a big mouth.
His teeth white.
He got 10 teeth.
Toro got ten fingers.
His hands very small.
He got two feet and 6 toes.
Toro a short monster.
My friend very funny,isn't he?

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