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There is/There are and School Life

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1. Match the nouns in the box with the pictures below:
book     notebook     pencil     pencil case     pen    blackboard     rubber     pencil sharpener
2. Unscramble the words to form SCHOOL SUBJECTS and then find them in the wordsearch:
a) mthas                b) glenihs                      c) pyhoegarg                          
d) cuims                          e) ceiscne                      f) yhiostr                         
g) crfneh              h) ychetonlog                        i) tar                  j) EP


3. What is there inside the schoolbag? Use THERE IS, THERE ARE to complete the sentences. Use the affirmative or the negative:
a) In the schoolbag  a banana.                             b)  a ruler
c)  any notebooks                                             d)  a calculator
e) In the schoolbag  two pencils                           e)  two books
4. Write short answers for the following questions:
a) Is there a ruler in the schoolbag?
b) Are there two apples in the bag?
c) Are there any pencils in the bag?
d) Is there a calculator in the bag?
e) Are there many teachers in your school? Yes,
f) Is there a big playground in your school? Yes,
g) Is there a science lab in your school? No,
h) Are there many music classrooms in your school? No,