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Apologies, Requests, Invitations, Suggestions

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1. Write the missing words. Choose from the box below.
could, shall, would, idea, what, wondering,
feel, to, fancy, don't, like, how, rather, afraid
a)  - you like to go for a ride?
     -I'd love , but I'm  I can't.
b)  - What  we do tonight? Do you  going out?
     -  I'm very tired. I think I'd  stay at home this evening.
c)  - Why  we try that new club in the town centre?
     - That's a great .
d)  Perhaps we  just order a pizza or something  that.
e)   about going to a concert at the weekend?
f) We were   if you'd like to come with us to the zoo on Saturday?
g) I've got two tickets for the football match. Do you  like coming with me?
2. Complete the dialogues with a suitable word.
a) I'm sorry  being late.
b) I'm sorry  the mess. I'll clear it .
c) -I'll help you with the housework.
    -Thanks. That's very  of you.
d) I know about the problem, but don't worry, I'll  it out.
e) -I'm afraid I forgot to bring you the    books.
    - Never . It doesn't .
f) -I must  for breaking that beautiful vase. I  your pardon.
   - Don't . That's .
g) I'm sorry to  you waiting. I won't be .
h) -Can I  your red pencil?
    -Yes,  yourself.
i) -Could you  me 5 $?
   -No, I'm afraid I . I haven't got any money on me.
(30 gaps)