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Modals - should / shouldn´t / mustn´t

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Modal Auxiliaries

Use should / shouldn't / mustn't Thumbs Up

1. We  invite the Nortons to our party. They are nice people.
2. Young children stay at home on their own.
3. Before you go to the dentist's, you  brush your teeth.
4. You  smoke in bed!
5. You  shut the windows because it is raining.
6. You  forget her birthday again.
7. You  go to the theatre when you are in Vienna. It's great.
8. They tell her about John's accident. She could break down.
9. You  cross the street when the traffic lights are red.
10. The doctor told Charlie that he  drink too much alcohol.
11. My mum thinks I  spend so much money on clothes.
12. "Twilight" is a really great book. You  read it soon.
13. The teacher said to me,"You  get up earlier because you are late again!"
14. You  tell lies!
15. You drive the car. You are only thirteen!
Complete the list of suggestions for "Trick or treat".
Write: should or shouldn't  in the gaps:
1. You    wear a Halloween costume.
2. You    play really mean tricks on people.
3. You    wear black clothes at night.
4. You    take a bag with you for sweets.
5. You   go on your own.
6. You   stay out very late.
7. You    always go with friends.
8. You  always tell an adult where you are going.