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Personal Information /am-is-are / have has /

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12 years old



England, London

Mr. Gold

40 years old



Spain, Madrid


9 years old



Japan, Tokyo

Mr. and Mrs. Adams

55 years old



Israel, Tel Aviv


12 years old



U.S.A , New York


27 years old



Israel, Jerusalem

Fill in the blanks with /am / is/ are / have / has.

Anna  from England. She lives in  London.
She got friends in U.S.A. and  Japan.
They Kate and Tom. Kate and Tom  pupils too.
 Kate  nine years old and Tom 12 years old.

Mr. Gold a very good vet.  He lives in Madrid.
 Madrid  the capital city of Spain.
He  40 years old. His hobby fishing.
Mr. Gold got two pets a cat and a parrot.

Sam works in the school. He  a teacher.
Sam 27 years old.
Sam lives in Jerusalem. Jerusalem  in Israel.
His hobby playing computer games.
Sam got two children. They twins.
Mr. and Mrs. Adams  from Israel too.
They live in Tel Aviv.
They 55 years old. They  doctors.
They  got a small family. They  only one son.
They also  got a pet. It a dog.

                  1.Who likes music? 
                   2.Who likes cooking?
           3.Where does Kate live?
                                                4.What does Tom like to do after school?
5.How old is Mr.Gold?
This person works in the police office.
 He is a .
This person looks after people's teeth.
He is a .

This girl works in a restaurant.She carries food from the kitchen.

She is a

This person comes when the house is on fire.

He is a

This person works in the hospital.He looks after sick people.

 He is a .

This woman doesn't go to work. She works at home.

She is a  

This person works in a school teaching children.

She is a

This person works on the farm and has a lot of animals.

He is a
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