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Simple Past and Present Perfect

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A- Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
 1. How many times  (you/be)to the cinema this month?
2. How many times  (you/go)to the cinema last month?
3. I  (like) my primary school.
4. (you/ever/be) to Russia?
5.  (you/go) to Moscow when you were in Russia?
6. Freddie Mercury (have) an interesting life.
7. Clint Eastwood (have) an interesting life.
8. I  (not see) John today but I (see) him yesterday.
 9."  (you/do) your homework yet?"  "No, I still (not finish)it."
10.  (you/play) baseball when you were younger?
11.  baseball? (you/ ever/play)
12. My life is very sad because I  in love. (never/be)
13. Life  (be) very difficult for me when I was a child.
B-Complete these sentences with a verb from the list. Use the Present Perfect
break       buy      finish     do     go     go    lose       paint      read     take
1- “ Are they still having dinner?”  “No, they
2-” I some new shoes. Do you want to see them?”
3-” Is Tom here?”  “No, he to work”
4-”  the shopping?”  “ No, I’m going to do it later.”
5- “ Where’s your key?”  “ I don’t know. I  it.”
6- Look! Somebody that window.
7- Your house looks different!  it?
8- I can’t find my umbrella. Somebody  it.
9- I’m looking for Sarah. Where  ?
10- “ Do you want the newspaper?” No, thanks. I it”
C- Choose the correct option.
1- I my homework yet.
2- We him since he school.
3- We  to bed very early last night because we  tired.
4- They to London two years ago.
5- She me since Tuesday. 
6-I a very interesting programme on TV.
7- Laura to France.
8- I an old friend of mine last week.
9- I to a disco for months.
10- My little sister  to read yet.
11- Kevin his key. He it on the bus yesterday.
12- I tennis since I was at school but I very good at it then.
13- A: a dress for the party next week?
     B. Yes, I one yesterday.
14- A:  your car yet?
     B: Yes, my cousin me 500 for it last week.
15- Sarah her leg.
16- We ­­­ our house. Some people  it last month.
17- I decorating my room. I it last week and I the new curtains last night.
18- They  their cat. It away last week.