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past perfect continuous

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past perfect continuous


   Make the past perfect continuous positive:

   1. I (work) all day, so I didn’t want to go out.

2 . She(sleep) for ten hours when I woke her.

   3. They (live)  in Beijing for three years when he lost his job.

   4  . When we met, you . (work) at that company for six months.

   5. We (eat) all day, so we felt a bit ill.

   6. He was red in the face because he(run).

   7 . It (rain), and the road was covered in water.

   8. I was really tired because I (study).

   9. We(go) out for three years when we got married.

Make the past perfect continuous negative:

  1. I (not / work) there long when she quit.

  2. She (not / work) but she was tired anyway.

  3. It(not / rain) long when I got home.

  4. He was in trouble with the teacher because he .(not / go) to classes.

  5. We (not / live) in London for three years when we got married! It was more like five years.

  6. Although it was hot in the kitchen, Julie  (not / cook).

  7. I.not / sleep) long when there was a knock at the door.

  8. He didn’t feel healthy, because he (not / go) to the gym.

  9. I caught a cold because I (not / eat) properly.


  Make the past perfect continuous question:

1. When you got sick, (you / eat) enough?

2. There was water everywhere,(what / the children / do)?

3.  (it / rain) when you left the restaurant?

4(how long / she / live) in London when she found that job?

5.(why / you / study) so hard?

6. Why was the house so messy? .(what/ she / do)?

7. (how long / we / wait) when the bus finally arrived?

8. .(how long / he / play) football when he was injured?

9.(I / work) that day?

10. (she / see) him for long when they moved to Paris?