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Animals in danger

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 1.Match the words to the pictures:

ountain orillas

Read the text:

Children are playing on the grass. Their mothers and fathers are eating food and watching them.

Is this a family having a picnic in the park? No, it's a group of Mountain Gorillas in a forest in Africa.

Gorillas live in groups in the forest. Mountain Gorillas live in forests in the mountains. Mountain gorillas are the biggest kind of gorilla. They have long hair which keeps them warm in the cold mountains.

Mountain Gorillas eat plants and they eat them most of the day. They get up early in the morning and start eating. When it is very hot,the gorillas sleep a little, and then they get up and eat till it gets dark. Some Mountain Gorillas eat 18 kilograms of plants in one day! At the end of the day,the gorillas build nests to sleep in. They sleep on the grass or in the trees.

The forests are the Mountain Gorillas' home and food, but people are cutting down the forests.
Many Mountain Gorillas die when people cut down the forests. There are only about 500 Mountain Gorillas in the world today. Twenty years ago,there were about 15.000 Mountain Gorillas.

We must protect the forests, so we can protect the gorillas.

2.Answer the questions:
1. What keeps the gorillas warm?
2. Where do Mountain Gorillas live?
3.What happens when people cut down the forests?
4. How many Mountain Gorillas were there 20 years ago?
5.How can people protect the Mountain Gorillas ?
3.Match the sentences:
Mountain Gorillas live .... a. the gorillas and the forests.
They are .... b. the largest gorillas.
They have .... c. in forests
They eat .... d. very long hair
They sleep .... e. plants
Today there are .... f. in nests
We must protect .... g. 500 Mountain Gorillas
4.Complete the chart:


What do the gorillas do?

     Example: early in the morning

 eat plants

      when it gets hot
      at the end of the day

4.Match the opposites:

boring, poor,early, strong, full,  cheap,  sick,  safe, dirty, dark, old, thin 


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