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Some or any

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SOME: We use "some" in positive sentences. We use some for both countable and uncountable nouns.

Example: I have some friends.


ANY: We use "any" in negative sentences or questions. We use any for both countable and uncountable nouns.

Example: Do you have any ham? - He doesn't have any friends in Rome.


EXCEPTION: We use "some" in questions when offering or requesting something that is there.

Example: Would you like some bread? (offer) - Could I have some water? (request)


Now try these exercises:


What’s in this box? –  trouble dolls from Peru.

Do you want a toffee or a lolly? – No, thank you, I don’t want  sweets.

I know a good ghost story. – Please don’t tell me  horror stories.

I’m afraid of ghosts.

Here are  apples for you. – No, thank you, I don’t want  fruit.

Mum, could I have  ice cream? – No, sorry, there isn’t  left and I didn’t buy  either.

Do you have a mascot? – Yes, I do. I have  old coins.             

Who was with you at the football match? –  of my friends.

Here are  chocolate nuts for you. – No, thank you.

I’m hungry. – Sorry, I haven’t bought  bread.

Jenny went to the cinema with  of her friends.

Has she got  brothers or sisters? – Sorry, I don’t know.

Did they have  news for you?

Would you like  orange juice? – Yes, please.

I’m hungry. I’ll have  sandwiches.

My parents don’t want  presents for Christmas.

Here is  food for the dog.

Peter doesn’t have  friends. – That's sad. But why?? – I don’t know.

Do you know  famous people? – Yes, I do.

Do you have  idea what the boys are doing there in our garden?

My little sister already knows  words in Spanish and French.

Could you pass me salt, please? - Yes, of course - here you are.

My best friend doesn’t have  pets.