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Simple Present or Present Continuous
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1. Fill in the gaps with the present simple or continuous of the verbs in brackets. (Use the short forms don't / doesn't / isn't / aren't / 'm not instead of the long forms).
- I  (not like) Chinese food. It  (be) horrible!
-  (you /read) the newspaper at the moment?
- Helen  (do) the shopping every Monday.
- Football players  (train) every morning.
-  (John / go) out at the weekend?
- You  (swim) at the moment.
- I  (work) at a restaurant this month.
- Listen!  (Mark / sing) a song?
- Be quiet! My father  (sleep) in the living room.
2. Correct the mistakes of the following sentences (all of them have mistakes). Write the contractions (don't / doesn't / isn't / aren't / 'm not).
EXAMPLE: Sarah make her bed in the morning.      Sarah makes her bed in the morning.
- I doesn't like computer games.
- Do you be tall?
- Sarah is wanting to be a doctor.
- Paul is studing in the library now.
- Look! The baby is smileing.
- Do you are listening to music at the moment?
- She doesn't studies Japanese at school.
- I am not making my bed every morning.
3. Match the beginning of the sentences with the ends.
1. I go to the                             French now?
2. Are you studying                 diary every night.
3. I write in my                        cinema once a month.
4. Do you brush                        play the guitar at the weekend?
5. Sandra is cleaning                her bedroom at the moment.
6. Does Pablo                            your teeth three times a day?