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The Beijing Water Cube













The following facts and figures are all about the Beijing Water Cube. Choose from the list and write in what they refer to.


Ground breaking

Floor area





Official name


: National Aquatics Center;
: Olympic Green;
(sq.m.): 65,000-80,000;
: 6,000 permanent, 11,000 temporary;
: swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, water-polo;
: Dec. 24, 2003;
: End of 2007


Watch the video about the construction of the Water Cube and do the exercises.



Choose the correct answers.

How does the speaker describe Beijing?  


How much steel is used for the construction? 


How many running tracks could be made out of it?

How many rugby pitches could be made out of the plastic?


What is the diameter of the plastic cushions?


Which is thicker: a penny or the plastic?

 A penny

The plastic


Write in the missing words in the following part.

Officially it’s called the National Centre but in the world of -architecture it is known as the Water Cube. It’s a fantastic honeycomb that looks as and fragile as a tinker . But in reality it weighs six and a thousand tons, that’s almost as heavy as all the in the Eiffel Tower.

And inside these walls and ceiling – nothing but . There is nothing else like it. Who up with this amazing building?


Tick the jobs which are NOT mentioned?

architect     engineering team leader   bricklayer     structure engineer     fire fighter    

  fire engineer     rigger     builder     building modeller      environmentalist   
  environmental engineer        project manager  



Which adjective doesn’t the speaker use for describing the visions of the engineering team?




 apparently impossible