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Hobbies/ Things Kids Do After School

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Read the text:
Hi! My name is Tom.
I'm twelve years old.
I live in Madrid.
I like doing karate after school.It's fun.
I learn how to fight and defend myself.
In the summer vacation, I go with the kids from my karate club to a carate camp. We learn karate and have fun together.
Every year there is a karate competition in Madrid.
Last year I went to the competition and won a gold medal.
The only problem with karate is that you work hard and
�you are tired! I don't want to be tired!
Hi! My name is Maria.
I'm�eleven years old.
I come�from Rome. I draw pictures.
I draw all the time.
I draw things for my friends: greeting cards and posters.
Sometimes I draw in class, but my teacher doesn't want me to draw.She wants me to listen to her. So I have a problem. But I love art lessons!
Last week I went to the art museum and saw some famous pictures. It was great!
Drawing is fun.
It's easy: you need paper and pencils.
Hi! I'm Roberto.
�I'm eleven years old. I come from Brazil.
�I don't like sport very much, and I'm not very good at it.
I like music. My hobby is playing the guitar.
Sometimes I play at concerts with other kids.
The only problem that my big brother plays the guitar too,
and there is only one guitar in the house.
He doesn't want me to give the guitar.
He wants it all the time! It's a problem!
Last month a famous rock singer came to Brazil, and I went to the concert with� my brother.
It was cool!
Hi! My name is Rita.
I'm twelve years old and I live in Israel.
I love dancing. It's my favorite hobby.
I don't like ballet, but I like salsa. I go to salsa lessons after school. The teacher is really good!
At the end of the year, we had a salsa show. We had a lot of fun,and everyone said we were very good.We made a lot of money from the tickets.
The money is to help sick children.
Dancing takes lots of time.
Sometimes I don't have time for my homework.
And I want to watch television,but I don't have time.
That's is my biggest problem.

����� My name is�����

���������� My hobby is�
���������My country is

My name is

��������My hobby is�
��������My country is

My name is

�������� My hobby is�
������� My country is

My name is

����������My hobby is�
��������� My country is
1.Tom works hard. 9. Maria speaks Italian.
2.Rita doesn't like salsa. 10.Tom has a camp in the winter.
3.Maria is twelve years old. 11.Mari doesn't have any problems.
4.Tom won a silver medal. 12.Roberto likes television.
5.Roberto lives in Brazil. 13.Tom thinks karate is fun.
6.Maria was in the museum. 14.The concert wasn't cool.
7.Rita has a bd teacher. 15.Roberto's hobby is sport.
8.Roberto has two brothers. 16.Maria danced in a show.
���� ��
Answer�the questions:
1. �likes music?� .....Roberto 1. is Maria's hobby? ..... dancing
2. does Maria go to salsa lessons?�
���������������������������������� .....after school
2. comes from Spain? .... Tom
3. is Tom?��� ........twelve years old 3. is Brasil? .... in South America
4. �does Rita live? .....in Israel 4.� �doesn't like ballet ? .....Rita
5. �did Tom win gold medal? .....last year 5.�is Maria?� .....eleven years old
6. �is Roberto's hobby? .....music 6.���is Madrid? .......in Spain
7. �is Rome? ...... in Italy 7.�do you need for drawing?
���������������������������������� ....paper nad pencils
8. is Tom often tired?
���������������������������� .....because he works hard
8.�� � did a rock singer come to Israel?
���������������������������������� .....last month
9. �does Tom go to the camp?
���������������������������� ....in the summer
9. �doesn't have Maria sometimes time for television? .....because dancing takes lots of time
10. �went to the art museum? ....Maria 10. �did Rita have a salsa show?
�������������������������� ....at the end of the year
�1.Rita �like drawing.
����������� �2. Tom and Rita �live in U.S.A.
���� � 3.Roberto �have a sister.
��������� �4.I have time for homework.
5.Rita �like ballet.
��������������� 6. Maria and Roberto like sport.
Write these verbs in Past Simple.
Find these verbs in the text and copy into your notebook.
Example: see- saw









Copy the table into your notebook and complete. Present your work in the class.




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