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You´re the one that I want (Grease)

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You're the one that I want
1.-Choose the expression you hear
I got chills, they're
And I'm control
Cause the power you're supplyin'
You better 'cause I need a man
And myis set on you
You better shape up
You understand
To my heart
Nothing left,
You're the one that I want
You're the one that I want
You're the one that I want
The one that I want
The one I need
Oh yes
If you're filled with
You're too shy to convey
in my direction, feel the way
I better
Cause you need a man
Who can keep me satisfied
I better
If I'm gonna prove
That my is justified
Are you sure?
2.-Complete the definitions
1.-Something that has an explanation is
2.-Something that is increasing is
3.-Another word for produce is  
4.-the opposite of to fill
5.-To think carefully about something
6.-If you trust someonone or something you have