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Comparative and Superlatives

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comparative and superlative
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Adjectives - Comparatives and Superlatives
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Comparative and Superlative
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comparative and superlative
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- One-syllable adjectives add -er: hot = hotter         - One syllable adjectives add -est: hot = hottest
                                                tall = taller                                                            tall = tallest
- Adjectives with two or more syllables:               - Adjectives with two or more syllables:
                     more expensive than                                           the most expensive
                     more beautiful than                                            the most beautiful
- Adjectives ending in -y change into - ier:         - Adjectives ending in -y change into -iest
                     happy - happier                                                 happy - the happiest
                     ugly - uglier                                                         ugly - the ugliest
- Irregular adjectives:                                              - Irregular adjectives:
                     good - better                                                          good - the best
                     bad - worse                                                            bad - the worst
                     far - further                                                           far - the furthest
1. Change the adjectives into the comparative and the superlative:
Example: hot - hotter than- the hottest                intelligent - more intelligent than - the most intelligent
a) big -  -                                           b) long -  -
c) friendly -  -                           d) expensive -  -
e) cheap -  -                                       f) good -  -
g) dangerous -  -              h) easy -  -
i) bad -  -                                                  j) exciting -  -
k) cold -  -                                            l) small -  -
2. Write sentences as the one given in the example:
My sister is 1.65 cm tall. I'm 1.68.  I'm taller than my sister.
                      Tommy                                         Emily                               Paula
a) I am 7 years old. My sister is 9 years old. I'm   (young)
b) I'm 7, my sister Emily is 9, and my sister Paula is 1. My sister Paula is  (young)
c) I'm 1.30, my sister Emily is 1.35 and Paula is 1.05 cm tall. My sister Emily is  (tall)
d) My grandmother says that Paula is  (beautiful) my sister Emily.
e) I think I am  (intelligent) of the three.
f) My bedroom is  my sisters' bedrooms. (big)
g) Paula's bedroom is  in the house. (small)
h) We are  children in the world. (happy)
i) Emily is very funny, but Paula is  her. (funny)
j) I'm not a tall boy, but I'm not  in my class. (short)
k) I'm a noisy boy, but my sister Emily is  me. (noisy)
l) Paula is  of the three. (noisy)
m) Emily's grades are  my cousin's. (good) But my grades are  (good)
n) Emily and I speak English and French, but my French is  Emily's. (bad)
o) Emily is nice and friendly, but I'm  her. (friendly)
3. Find the comparative form of: clever, simple, short, cold, easy, difficult, hot, thin, dark, ligth in the wordsearch:


Are there any two-syllable adjectives that can form the comparative with -er?  (simple) and  (clever)