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4-SKILLS Describing A Place Part II (Author-Bouabdellah)

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Technicum Si-Tarek Of Relizane

 First Year Students

Technological Streams 2004/2005


C– Play and Practice I:               
With your partner, decide whether the sentences describing the picture below are correct or incorrect.  Tick only the correct ones.
 1. The bird is on the umbrella.
 2. The sandwiches are behind the salad.
 3. The spatula is on the man’s hand.
 4. The hammock is between a tree and a pole.
 5. The dog is under the table.
 6. The cat is under the table.
 7. The baby is beside the father.
 8. The hot dogs are next to the plates.
 9. The chairs are under the table.
 10. The grill is in front of the man.
C– Play and Practice II: Where are the cars?   
Look carefully at the picture below, and then complete the each sentence with an appropriate preposition from the list.
opposite - next to - in the middle of - in front of  - between – inside - beside - behind - at the front of - in - at the corner of  - at the back of
 01–Car 01 is  garage A.
 02–Car N°02 is  garage A.
 03–Car N°03 is  garage A.
 04–Car N°04 is  garage A.
 05–Car N°05 is  car N°04 and car N° 06.
 06–Car N°06 is  car N° 05.
 07–Car N°07 is  car N° 10.
 08–Car N°08 is  garage B.
 09–Car N°09 is  garage B.
 10–Car N°10 is  garage A.
 11–Garage A is  garage B.
 12–Car N°01 and 03 are  garage A.
 13–Car N°08 and 09 are garage B.
D– Play and Practice III:   
 Comparative Adjectives
Activit: Choose the coreect completion for each sentence. 
1.      Allen´s house is  than Caco´s house.
2.      Dan is  in programming than Adam.
3.      Today I was  than I was yesterday.
4.      My sister Sarah is  than my brother Enrique.
5.      This old building is  than that new one.
6.      My dog is  than my friend’s dog, Rin. .
7.      Cockroaches are definitely  than worms.
8.      Anne is  her brother.
9.      Cindy Lauper sings  than Madonna. (some one does like both)