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A Trip to the Dentist - Role Play

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A Trip to the Dentist - Role Play

Student 1: I have a  tooth!  Ouch!
Student 2: What happened?  Did you into something hard?
Student 1:  Yes.  Last night I was eating peanuts.  I bit into one and I felt a pain in my mouth!
Student 2:  That's too bad. Do you have a ?
Student 1: No, I am afraid of the dentist.  I haven't gone to the dentist since I was six years .
Student 2:  Wow!  That's a long time ago.  I bet you have a .
Student 1:  Oh no!  am I going to do?
Student 2:  Let me give you my phone number.  He is very gentle and kind!
Student 1:  Okay, that sounds like a good idea.  If I have to go to the dentist at least I want a nice one.