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using BY and WITH

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a broom a pair of scissors a shovel
a hammer a saw a thermometer
a needle and thread a spoon

Exercise 1: Complete the sentences using with and appropirate words from the list above.

  1. I swept the classroom's floor .
  2. I sewed a button on my shirt .
  3. My father cut the wood .
  4. My mother took my temperature .
  5. I stirred my coffee .
  6. The house builder dug a hole in the ground .
  7. I nailed two pieces of wood together .
  8. I cut the paper .

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with by or with.
  1. My grandmother makes tablecloths �hand.
  2. I opened the door �a key
  3. I went to New Jersey� bus.
  4. I dried my hair � a towel.
  5. I went from Portland to San Francisco�� train.
  6. Tom and Ted drew a line��� a ruler.�
  7. Is there any way you could touch the ceiling� your foot?
  8. Some interviewers tried to reach their applicants� mail.
  9. Jack tightened the screw in the corner of her eyeglasses� his tool.
  10. I called Bill "Steve"� mistake.
  11. The fastest way to send a letter halfway around the world is�� electronic mail.
  12. The�butcher sliced the thin strips of ham� a razor-sharp knife.
  13. Some people pay their bills� computer.