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Will or Be Going To Future?
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Age: 12-17
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Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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Future forms - BE GOING TO or WILL (B&W + KEY included)
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Will or Be Going To Future? - An Inductive Approach
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will or going to?
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WILL + infinitive

GOING TO + infinitive

We use WILL for...
- predictions without evidence
     "I will be rich and famous"
- offering our help
     "I'll help you with those heavy books"
- sudden decisions
     "It's raining. I'll take an umbrella!"
We use GOING TO for...
- predictions with evidence
     "Look! David is going to crash against that tree!"
- future intentions
     "I'm going to study law at university next year"
1. Choose the correct verb for the following sentences. Do not use abbreviations:
1) Next summer, I  (travel) to New York. My sister lives there and she bought me a plane ticket for my birthday.
2) It's getting cold. I  (take) my coat!
3) Are you going to the cinema? Wait for me. I  (go) with you!
4) Jane and Tom  (not/study) medicine next year. Jane  (study) French and Tom  (take) a gap year.
5. Mrs Simons, those bags seem quite heavy. I  (help) you carry them.
6. Experts say the Earth  (suffer) seriously if we continue polluting.
7. Look at those black clouds. I think it  (rain).
8. Bye Bye Joe. I  (phone) you as soon as I arrive home!
9. What  (do) tomorrow? I  (visit) my grandparents.
10. Anne: "I don't have enough money to pay for my lunch." 
Peter: " I  (lend) you some."
 2. Complete the sentences with the correct verb and match them with the picture:
a) What a beautiful girl! I  out next Saturday!
b) I'm bored. I don't know what to do. I know! I  a Harry Potter book!
c) Josh is nervous today. He has bought Annie a bunch of flowers because he .
d) Those watermelons seem delicious. We !
e) We have been thinking about it and we have decided that we  this year.