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English Idioms II - money talk

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You know that each language has its own expressions and knowing them help us improving our speaking.

So let's learn some of them related to money.


Match the column, according to the meaning of the idioms.

1. break the bank                                                          a person who will not spend much money

2. cash-and-carry                                                          charge a high price for something

3. cheapskate                                                                have enough money to pay one's bills

4. cut-rate                                                                       bribe

5. fast buck                                                                      sell something for cash only with no delivery

6. highway robbery                                                       live on less money than usual

7. hit the jackpot                                                            spend more than one might ordinarily do

8. make ends meet                                                        sell for a price lower than usual

9. on the house                                                              make a lot of money suddenly

10. pay-off                                                                      win all the money at a casino gambling table

11. splurge on something                                            paid for by the owner

12. tighten one's belt                                                    money earned quickly and easily