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Picture description Kindergarten Kids

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Picture A                           Picture B
 Examine the picture and tick only the correct sentences.
  1. The red cat in picture A has one tooth.
  2. The owl in picture A is sitting on the fence.
  3. There are 11 apples in picture A.
  4. There are 11 apples in picture B.
  5. Both cats in picture A are showing their tongues.
  6. Both cats in picture B are showing their tongues.
  7. The dog's name is Butch.
  8. The dog in picture A has two teeth.
  9. The dog in picture B has two teeth.
  10. The ginger cat in picture B has a broken tail.

+ is/am/are

 A verb                                                     Present Participle
smile smiling
stand standing
look looking
have fun having fun
show showing
sit sitting
fly flying
hang hanging
eat eating
hide hiding

  1. The blue cat  (stand).
  2.  Both cats  (smile).
  3. The animals  (look).
  4. The cats  (have) fun.
  5. The cat  (show) his tongue.
  6. The birds  (fly).
  7. The bird and the squirrel  (sit) on the roof.
  8. The spider  (hang) from the roof.
  9. The ginger cat  (eat) dog's food.
  10. Somebody  (hide) in the house.