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Picture A���������������������������Picture B
�Examine the picture and tick only the correct sentences.
  1. The red cat in picture A has one tooth.
  2. The owl in picture A is sitting on the fence.
  3. There are 11 apples in picture A.
  4. There are 11 apples in picture B.
  5. Both cats in picture A are showing their tongues.
  6. Both cats in picture�B are showing their tongues.
  7. The dog's name is Butch.
  8. The dog in picture A has two teeth.
  9. The dog in picture B has two teeth.
  10. The ginger�cat in picture B has a broken tail.

+ is/am/are

A verb���������������������������������������������������� Present Participle
smile smiling
stand standing
look looking
have fun having fun
show showing
sit sitting
fly flying
hang hanging
eat eating
hide hiding

  1. The blue cat �(stand).
  2. �Both cats �(smile).
  3. The animals �(look).
  4. The cats �(have) fun.
  5. The cat �(show) his tongue.
  6. The birds �(fly).
  7. The bird and the squirrel �(sit) on the roof.
  8. The spider �(hang) from the roof.
  9. The ginger cat �(eat) dog's food.
  10. Somebody �(hide) in the house.