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Passive Voice

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Use present tense, past tense, present perfect tense or future tense:
     a)    John caught a big fish.
        A big fish by John.

 b)       Sally has baked a lovely cake.

        A lovely cake  by Sally.
    c)   My friends played tennis.
        Tennis  by my friends.

d)    Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

        America  by Christopher Columbus in 1492.
     e)   Terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center in September 2001.
         The World Trade Center  in September 2001.

f)      The thief has stolen a valuable picture.

        A valuable picture .
    g)  My brother has repaired my bike.
        My bike  by my brother.

h)    My little sister will make lunch.

        Lunch  by my little sister.
    i)     The neighbours sell the house.
        The house  by the neighbours.

j)        The teacher corrects our tests.

        Our tests  by the teacher.
     k)  My aunt won  £ 1 000 000.
        £ 1 000 000  by my aunt.

l)     A storm has destroyed the village.

       The village  by a storm.
    m)  The Indian girl found a golden necklace.
          A golden necklace  by an Indian girl.
    n) The rattlesnake bit the young boy.
        The young boy  by the rattlesnake.

    o)   The butcher sells meat.
        Meat  by the butcher.

p)      Bob will plant a tree.

        A tree  by Bob.
    q)  Jeremy has decorated the room.
        The room by Jeremy.