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Passive Voice

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Use present tense, past tense, present perfect tense or future tense:
���� a)�� �John caught a big fish.
������� A big fish by John.

�b)������ Sally has baked a lovely cake.

������� A lovely cake� by Sally.
��� c)�� My friends played tennis.
������� Tennis �by my friends.

d)� Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

��������America �by Christopher Columbus in 1492.
���� e)�� Terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center in September 2001.
�������� The World Trade Center �in September 2001.

f)����� The thief has stolen a valuable picture.

������� A valuable picture .
��� g)My brother has repaired my bike.
������� My bike��by my brother.

h)� My little sister will make lunch.

������� Lunch �by my little sister.
��� i)���� The neighbours sell the house.
������� The house �by the neighbours.

j)������� The teacher corrects our tests.

������� Our tests �by the teacher.
��� �k)� My aunt won� 1 000 000.
������� � 1 000 000 �by my aunt.

l)���� A storm has�destroyed the village.

������ The village �by a storm.
��� m) The Indian girl found a golden necklace.
��������� A golden necklace �by an Indian girl.
����n) The rattlesnake bit the young boy.
��������The young boy �by the rattlesnake.

��� o)�� The butcher sells meat.
������� Meat �by the butcher.

p)����� Bob will plant a tree.

��������A tree �by Bob.
��� q)Jeremy has decorated the room.
������� The room by Jeremy.