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Passive Voice

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1.      The journey  (know) as the Trail of Tears. (present tense)

2.      He (send) to Smoky Mountain Country. (past tense)

3.      The Cherokees (take) away from their homes. (past tense)

4.      The room (clean). (present perfect tense)

5.      This cupboard (make) by my brother. (past perfect t.)

6.      My purse (steal) yesterday. (past tense)

7.      The bill  (pay). (present perfect t.)

8.      Lunch (serve) from 12 to 2 every day. (present tense)

9.      The books (deliver) tomorrow. (future tense)

10.  The house (sell) before she arrived. (past perfect tense)

11.  The pancake  (eat) by us. (future tense)

12.  “Mona Lisa” (paint) by Leonardo da Vinci. (past tense)

13.  The window (smash). (present perfect tense)

14.  Tomatoes (plant) in May. (present tense)

15.  The Chinese vase (break). (present perfect tense)

16.  Five hamburgers (eat) by us every week. (present tense)

17.  Our house (sell) next week. (future)

18.  The dog (feed) by my younger sister. (present perfect t.)

19.  “The Magic Flute” (compose) by Mozart. (past tense)

20.  The stolen car (find). (past perfect tense)