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What in the world is a tapir?

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Watch the video to learn about tapirs.

Now, do the exercises!
1. How long have tapirs been around?
25 million years
30 million years
35 million years
2. Baird's Tapir is the official national animal of ...
3. Tapirs are called ...
mountain pigs
mountain horses
mountain cows
4. Tapirs are related to ...
cows and sheep
horses and rhinoceros
cows and horses
5. How many toes does a tapir have?
18 toes, 5 on each front foot and 4 on each rear foot
16 toes, 4 on each front foot and 4 on each rear foot
14 toes, 4 on each front foot and 3 on each rear foot
6. Tapirs have .....
a rubbery, highly flexible nose
large, pointed teeth
long, thick, muscular tail
7. Baird's tapir can weigh ...
up to 600 pounds
up to 100 pounds
up to 700 pounds
8. Baird's tapirs are facing extinction  ...
because humans are destroying their habitat
because they are overhunted
because they have uncommon diseases
9. The tapir was first studied by scientists in ...
10. Baird's tapir was named after ...
a president
a naturalist
a archeologist