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Spot the Difference

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1. These are two of Frosty's pictures taken this winter. Compare them and find the differences.



On the left there are no of the dog in the snow,

and the middle of the snowman is missing.

The in the right picture is red, but it is blue on the left.

There are no holly  on the hat of the snowman in the left picture

and also a ground-floor is missing.

2. Use the comparative form of the appropriate adjectives.


In the left picture:

The smoke coming from the chimney is (small, big).

The end of the dog’s tail is (brown, white).

The pine trees on the left side of the picture are (tall, short).

The paws of the dog are (light, dark)

The snowfall is (light, heavy).

The window in the attic is (dark, light).

The broom has a (long, short) handle.

The carrot nose of the snowman is (short, long).

The broom has (many, few) ribbons.

The snowman is  (fat, thin) and has a (big, small) mouth.

3. Name the objects.