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Present perfect with already, yet, just

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Present perfect with just, yet, already, since and for
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1. Study the chart and complete the examples:





We use the Present Perfect to:

- talk about experiences:
"I've been to London twice."
- Actions that started in the past and continue in the present:
"I have worked as a teacher for ten years"
- Past actions that have a result in the present:
"She has lost her keys" 
We use ALREADY to talk about an action that has been completed before we expected
It is normally used in affirmative sentences:
"We have already had lunch"
But it can also be used in interrogative sentences such as:
"Has the class  begun?"
Position within the sentence: before the participle.
We use YET to talk about an action that hasn't been completed, but we expect it to happen. It is used in negative and interrogative sentences:
"Have they arrived yet?"
"She hasn't eaten anything .."
Position within the sentence: at the end of the sentence.
We use JUST to talk about actions that happened RECENTLY.
"Dan and Kelly have  had a baby girl" (it means the baby was born a few days ago)
Position: before the participle.
2. Change the following sentences into the negative. Pay attention to ALREADY and YET! Use the short forms of verbs (haven't/hasn't) and do not add a full stop at the end of the sentence.
a) My sister has already arrived home. .
b) Our neighbours have already cut the old tree. .
c) Alex has already finished his dinner. .
d) My parents have already decided to buy a new car. .
e) The teacher has already given the results of the last exam..
f) I have already bought all my Christmas presents. .
g) We have already washed the dishes. .
h) My cousin has already travelled to New York. .
i) Jane and Sara have already seen that film. .
j) She has already sent all the postcards. .
3. Look at the pictures and complete:
a) The baker  (already/bake) a lot of cakes, butter rolls and bread. In fact, he  (just/make) a delicious apple pie.
b) My car broke down yesterday and I took it to the garage. I  (just/be) there, but they  (not/repair) it .
c) The taylor  (not/finish) the suit .
d) The pirates  (already/find) the treasure map, but they  (not/find) the treasure .
4. Choose the correct option:
      a) The children . They went with their teacher.
     b) My mum . She was still preparing it five minutes ago.
     c) I . He was quite nervous all the time.
     d) Many people report UFO sightings, but I , so I think they don't exist.
     e) Diane . She had wonderful news!
Good Luck!