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Relative Clauses with WHO, WHICH, WHOSE

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1. Look at the chart of RELATIVE CLAUSES with WHO, WHICH and WHOSE and complete the activity below:




- Is used for PEOPLE:
"David lives near my house. He walks to school every day" = "David, who walks to school every day, lives near my house."
WHO refers to DAVID
- Is used for ANIMALS/THINGS:
"The red sweater is dirty. I was wearing it yesterday."= "The red sweater, which I was wearing yesterday, is dirty."
("it" doesn't appear in the relative clause, because the referent is "which" now)
- Is used to express POSSESSION:
"Anne is moving to London. Her husband is working in England."=
"Anne, whose husband is working in England, is moving to London."
a) The boy  won the prize felt really happy about it.
b) The boy  parents are talking to the teacher is sitting over there.
c) David,  owns a very fast car, is a careless driver.
d) Those jeans  you want to buy are really expensive.
e) My cousin,  school grades are outstanding, is always studying.
f) That girl  is carrying the red handbag is new at school.
g) These three books,  the teacher recommended us to read, are really interesting.
h) All the children  parents are waiting outside can go home.
i) Lewis,  plays tennis professionally, is an excellent player.
j) My grandmother,  dream is to do a parachute jump, is a very active woman.
2. Rewrite the sentences using a relative pronoun (who, which, whose), add commas where necessary. Then, relate them with the pictures. Write the sentences with the same abbreviations you find in the given clauses:
a, d                                                                                                                                           
a) The film had already started when we arrived. It was very romantic. .
b) My grandfather is a very optimistic man. His third wife died three years ago. .
c) I bought all the ingredients. I needed them to prepare a cake. .
d) Tom and Sara went to the cinema last weekend. They usually come to the pub. .
e) Alice went to the police station yesterday. Her handbag was stolen in Oxford Street. .
f) My classmates went to the Natural History Museum last Friday. They love nature. .
g) My grandfather has lived in Oxford all his life. He was born in Italy. .
h) Alice is sad because she has lost her handbag. It was new. .
i) My grandmother told me her secret recipe for the chocolate cake. It is delicious. .
j) The Natural History Museum in London is full of dinosaur skeletons. It is my favourite museum. .