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Senses and Feelings

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Feelings and emotions multiple choice worksheet preview
Feelings and emotions multiple choice

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Feelings and emotions - crossword

Feelings and emotions worksheet preview
Feelings and emotions

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Listening - True or False

Present Simple Tense worksheet preview
Present Simple Tense

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EXERCISE 1:  Which sense is it?
EXERCISE 2:  Which feeling is it?
EXERCISE 3:  Word Search


smell    taste   hear   see  feel   happy   sad   angry  excited   scared
EXERCISE 4:  Fill in the blank.
1.  I was  to get presents.
2.  I was  when I lost my dog.
3.  I was  to see grandma.
4.  I could  Santa on the roof.
5.  I  cold.
6.  Ice cream  good.
EXERCISE 5:  Is it a sense or feeling?
        1.  HEAR                2.  TASTE                  3. HAPPY                      4.  SAD                     5. ANGRY   
         6.  SEE                 7.  SMELL                  8.  EXCITED                 9.  FEEL                  10.  SCARED