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"Christmas Time"

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                                                                                         "Christmas Time"

                                                                                                 By M.N.B.

Christmas time for boys and girls
          Is a happy day,
          For we go to grandmamma’s

                                                                  And eat and sing and play.

                              Grandma does  not  say to us—
                                    “Stop that
horrid noise!"      

           ‘Cause she understands we Can't

             When we’re only boys.”

               And she lets the girls play house,

In the garret old,

                                                                                      And when they strew things around,            



Grandma doesn’t scold.

But we ought to pick them up,
Even on Christmas day,
For we shouldn’t make kind friends
Trouble with our play.

                        Yes, we love the Christmas time                         
Best of all the year,
We have waited for it long,
Now, at last, it’s here.



Horrid: unpleasant, offensive, or vile

Garret: loft floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof; often used for storage. Look at the top window because that is where the garret is. wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

Strew: litter or mess up as in leaving toys everywhere.

Scolds: yell at or admonish



1. What time of the year is it?

2. The children eat, , and play when they come.

3.  Grandma never says, “Stop that  noise.”

4. She knows that we  stop the noise.

5.     Where do the girls play house?

6. Where is this place located?

7. When the children “strew” things around, Grandma never .

8.  The narrator says that the children should pick up their  even on day.