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Present simple

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Choose�the affirmative form of these sentences:
1. My mother �with this romantic film.
2. Those children �football in the stadium.
3. I and my sister in the same bedroom.
4. Your brother �5 Kms every day.
5. He in that restaurant on Sundays.
6. Her sister in Spain.
7. The man �in the disco.
8. The students �in the playground with the ball.
9. Those men �5 cars each week.
Write do/does/don't/doesn't in the gaps:
1. �you usually dance when you go out?
2. �her father buy the milk in that supermarket?
3. I �like lentils. I prefer peas.
4. Tom �run very much with his car because it is dangerous.
5. �Laura write emails to her friends?
6. Those girls �go to the cinema very often.
7. �your parents cook lunch at the weekends?
8. My friends �like that film because they say it is very sad.
9. �the teacher read the newspaper in the break?
10. �the policeman help the old couple in the street?
11. �the singers�sing that song in the concert?
Choose one verb from the list and write it in the correct form in the boxes:
Dance -�Read -�Have -Swim�- Drive - Run - Play
�Sam usually��breakfast at 8 o c'clock.
Mrs. Johnson always��a�story at night.
Lara�rarely �when there�are a lot of people.
Sam and Pamela often �tennis on Saturdays.
They �their car to the beach every weekend.
David usually �in the sea.
Mr. Svenson��in the gym everyday.
Choose the correct alternative with the frequency adverbs.
1. I �at night.
2. You �breakfast in the school.
3. He �Maths in the afternoons.
4. My sister��TV after dinner.
5. The hairdresser �the woman's hair�on Saturdays.
6. Those�policemen �in the police car.
7. The woman �the meat in that supermarket.
8. My teacher �English in the blackboard and in English.
9. The students �breakfast� in the canteen.
Look for the third person singular of the verbs in brackets, and write the form in teh correct boxes:

1. Sam���(play) football in the village team.�
2. Your mother �(cook) very well.
3. The actress �(perform) the play on the stage.
4. Your father �(wash) his car in the petrol station.
5. The boy �(go) to the University everyday.
6. The man �(watch) the news on TV everyday at 3 o'clock.
7. That student �(study) English in the school.

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