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Robin Hood. Reading activities.

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Robin Hood.

1. Read the letter and fill in the missing word.

took, who, family, books, made, from, him, know, some, someone, anybody, anything, them, called, right, stories, belonged, ago, later, began, conquered, truth, hero.

Dear Alice,

�� You asked me �Robin Hood was. History �do not tell us anything about him. But all the British boys and girls �somethin g about him. They know �from books, songs, films and television. For them Robin Hood was �in Sherwood Forest with an enemy �the Sheriff of Nottingham.����������������������������������������������������������������� But was there �called Robin Hood? Do we really know �about him? There are many old �about Robin Hood. In some stories�he lived 8 hundred years , in others he lived much . Is there any �in these stories? One thing is certain: the �in all the stories was an outlaw. It all really started in 1066 when William of Normandy �Saxon England. The new Norman king �to take everything from the Saxons - the land and their goods. All the forests �to the king, and the Saxons did not have the �to hunt any deer in . When the king needed �money, Norman sheriffs collected it �Saxons. The sheriffs took their homes and �them outlaws. Robin came from a Saxon . He became an outlaw and lived in Sherwood Forest. He �money from the rich and gave it�to the�poor.

�� Can you tell me�an old legend of your country? Write back soon!



2. Answer the questions.

1. Do history books tell us anything about Robin Hood?

2. Do the British boys know anything about Robin Hood?

3. Where did Robin Hood live?

4. Who was Robin Hood's enemy?

5. Robin Hood was an outlaw, wasn't he?

3. Fill in the blanks with some, any, something, anything.

  • Susan: Have you got �stories about Robin Hood?

  • Shop Assistant: Oh yes, of course. There are �good ones over there.

  • Susan: Have you got �history books over there?

  • SH. A.: Sure, we have got several books. I find "Robin Hood and the Black Cloak" interesting. But there are �history books about King William, too.

  • Susan: Do you sell �jigsaw puzzles?

  • Sh.A.: Yes, we do. But we don't have �puzzles at the present moment. They are sold out.

  • Susan: Can you tell me��about Nottingham Castle? Do you know how old it is?

  • Sh. A. : Sorry, I am afraid I cannot tell you , but you can ask at the information centre.

  • Susan: I'll take the storybook "Robin Hood and the Black Cloak". I hope my friend will like it.