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The World Calendar

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                                                                                              THE WORLD CALENDAR
Our calendar has been changed many times over the years. It is impossible for everyone to have his own calendar, so the next best idea is a compromise in which one is created that gives the most convenience and is the easiest to comprehend. According to www.TheWorldCalendar.org,
the following is the best compromise.
In this improved calendar every year is the same.
 •  The quarters are equal: each has exactly                                
91 days, 13 weeks, or 3 months.
•  The four quarters are identical in form with an
ordered variation within the three months.
•  The three months have 31,30, 30 days
•  Each month has 26 weekdays, plus Sundays.
•  Each year begins on Sunday, 1 January;
each working year begins on Monday, 2 January
•  Each quarter begins on Sunday, ends on
•  The calendar is stabilized and made perpetual
by ending the year with a 365th day following
30 December each year.  This additional day is
dated “W,” which equals 31 December, and would be
called Worldsday, a year-end world holiday.
•  Leap year Day is similarly added at the end of
the second quarter.  It is likewise dated “W,”
which equals 31 June, and called Leap year Day,
another world holiday in leap years.


1. What is the same in this proposed calendar?
2. The calendar will be divided into  quarters.
3. The three months will have  days respectively.
4. Each month has  weekdays plus Sundays.
5. Each year begins on .
6. Each quarter begins on  and ends on
7. What is Worldsday supposed to be?
8. When is Leap Year Day added?
Look at the calendar and see what day of the week your birthday would be. __________________________
What day of the week will school end? ____________________________




We, the people of this world, must honor the environment and live in peace and harmony just as the concept of yin and yang.