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††††††††††† Choose the correct alternative.

1†††††††† The man (whose / who) sold me the car was very friendly.

2†††††††† This is a book (which / where) Iíve always wanted to read.

3†††††††† Thatís the club (who / where) I first met Bill.

4†††††††† Jane is the girl (that / whose) teachers always help her.

5†††††††† There are a few people (whose / who) donít use mobile phones.

6†††††††† The Day After Tomorrow is the film (who / that) I saw yesterday.

7†††††††† Elvis is the artist (who / what) has had the most UK number 1 hits.

8†††††††† Tennis is the sport (that / who) I find the hardest to play.

9†††††††† The dress (that / who) I want is the most expensive in the shop.

10†††††† The boy (whose / who) is over there works in the supermarket on Saturdays.





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