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Have or has?

                                                Choose the right form of the verb.

                            1. We  got a pet. It's a hamster.
                            2. She   a beautiful smile.
                            3. My friend's cat   three kittens.
                            4. What does Jane  for breakfast?
                            5. Rabbits and turtles  short tales.
                            6.  the boy a green pencil?
                                               Make up sentences. Read them aloud.
                                         1. has, animals, what, got, Tom?
                                         2. has, Jack, pens, black, books, and, big.
                                         3. a, we, small, have, family.
                                         4. a, and, tiger, Mr. Smith, parrots, two, has.
                  Have some fun! Find the words and match them with the pictures.