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Mr Beanīs Christmas

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_ _ _ _ _ _ video time _ _ _ _ _ _ -*- MERRY CHRISTMAS MR BEAN -*-* with . . . . YOU TUBE LINK . . . and . . . . KEYS
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What did Mr Bean do for Xmas?

First, complete the sentences with the verbs in the simple past form. Irregular verbs are marked with a star (*).

Then, match the sentences with the pictures.

1. He  (look) for his watch because he  (*lose) it in the turkey!              

2. He  (*buy) Christmas ornaments.               

3. He  (collect) money and jewels from a young thief but he  (not *give) any of his money.              

4. He  (*go) to Harrods which is a huge (= very big) and famous shop in London.              

5. He  (*put) his Christmas cards on a string.

That passage  (*be) sad because the cards  (not *come) from his family or friends.              

6. He  (*win) a turkey but not honestly: he  (not guess) the weight, he  (use) scales and a calculator!              

7. Children  (*sing) Christmas carols for him but he  (not listen) to them until the end.              

8. He  (*hang) up his Christmas stocking on the fireplace. He  (not *forget) a stocking for his teddy bear!               


Picture A                                                 Picture B                                                               Picture C


Picture D                                                              Picture E                                                                Picture F


Picture G                                                             Picture H