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It is or There is?

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                                It is or There is?

               Choose the correct variant. 

                      1. It is/There is a boy in the garden.  
    2.It is/There is dark in the forest.  
    3. I don't like autumn because it is/there is rainy.
    4.There is/it is a cold day today. 
    5. There is/It is a beautiful garden in front of the house.
    6. On the corner of the street there is/it is a supermarket.
                      7.  It is/there is a nice park near our house. 
           Can you find general questions? Write 'Yes' or 'No'.     
                      1. Is he reading or writing now?                          
                      2. Can you ride a bycicle?
                      3. Do like swimming in the river? 
                      4. Who can play a piano? 
                      5. Did you go to the cinema or to the theatre?
                      6. Are you going to school?
                      7. Isn't your mother at home?   
                      8. Who knows this girl?
                                       Thank You!