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  • Write the correct sport: to go....

1. You need a surfboard and a wetsuit .

2. You need a raft, oars, a lifejacket and a helmet .
3. You need a bike, a helmet and gloves .
4. You need a boat, a lifejacket and a rope .
5. You need a boat, waterskiis, a lifejacket and a rope .
6. You need a rope, a helmet, special clothes and safety belt .
7. You need a canoe .
  • Complete with the material needed and the sentences.

1. You need a  to go surfing.

2. You need a  to go ice-skating.
3. You need  a  to go rock climbing.
4.   ( I want to try....)
6. Cycling is  three o'clock.
7. When's your birthday? It's  3rd July.
8. When's your next catalan class? It's  Monday.
9. When does summer start? It starts  June.
10. We use the preposition on when it's a .
11. We us the preposition at when it's .
12. We use the preposition in when it's .
13. Do you want to try boxing? .
14. Where are you from?  Spain.
15. Where is he from?  Canada.
16. Where is she from?  the UK.
17. Where  ? I'm from the USA.
18. ? He's from Argentina.
19. Do you play the flute brilliantly?
20. Does John play the keyboards well?
21. He parachuting.
22. She  skating.
  • Translate this short text into english:

John és d'anglaterra. La bandera és de color blau, vermell i blanc. El té i les patates són d'anglaterra. Ell té deu anys. Ell toca molt bé la bateria.

Ell vol provar de fer rafting i surfing. Ell necessita una barca, una jaqueta salva vides, un casc, rems, una tabla de surf i un tratge especial.