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Present Simple or Progressive

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A. Choose the word that fits best.
1.That's a nice pullover. How much ...
2.What...�I'm a secretary.
3.Look at her! She..�to open her car door.
4.I usually drink coffee. Tonight..�a cup of cocoa.
�5.You drink a fot of coffee Sean.
��� This is the� cup today.
6.The children ....�like olives, Tom. Don't buy them.
Where's Jim?�..�for Mary outside the cinema.
I like sports .tennis every weekend.
B.Choose the correct form,Present Simple or Progressive
Mrs Williams (wash up)...and her daughter Mara (help)..her. Mara (help) ...�her mother every day. Mr Anderson is on the balcony. He (examine).. the balcony door. There's something wrong with it. Marios is Mr Anderson's son. He (go)... to school but he (not like)..... it. He (sleep)... now. Andrew is Mrios's brother. He (work) in a factory. He's a very good engineer. He (water)��� the flowers in the garden now. He (love) flowers.