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1. Where can you buy these things? Write the names of SHOPS.   LOL       




2. Answer:Shocked

a) Where can you buy a dog? At the .
b) Where can you buy a T-shirt? .
c) Where can you buy a pen?.
d) Where can you buy a comic?.
e) Where can you buy a computer game?.
f) Where can you buy  a CD?.
g) Where can you buy bananas?.
h) Where can you buy bread?.
i) Where can you buy a skateboard?.
j) Where can you buy a kite?.
3. Complete the dialogue.Wink
  • Hello.
  • How   sweet, please?
4. Write.Pig

£5 =        30p =        £12=       £25=

60p =         18p =       £42 =     8p=


 GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clap