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Tenses Test 1

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Tenses Test 1

1.  The man  English from eight to twelve.
2.  I learned that the honesty  the best pelocy in my boyhood.
3.  It a lot in Taipei in spring.
4.  A: How long  take you to get to work?
     B: It takes me half an hour to get to work.
5.  He came to see his grandmother .
6.  Henderson  going to work.
7.  Sara usually  hard.
8.  Alice:  do you go to the movies, Jean?
     Jean: Once a week.
9.  My father  very hard when he was young.
10. Jane  sick until three days ago.
11. The game has started. I wonder how long ago .
12. We  a good time last Sunday.
13. Have you heard from Dora lately? She  here the other day.
14. He was afraid that he might be late, so he  the contract by fax.
15. There  a baseball game next Wednesday night.
16. I  up on my algebra next Saturday.
17. We will go home when the train .
18. It will rain when the wind .
19. After the class  over, ask the teacher what you don't understand.
20. John  her your message when he sees her.
21. If silver  scarcer than gold, it will no doubt have a greater value.