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Tenses Test 1

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Tenses Test 1

1.� The man �English from eight to twelve.
2.� I learned that the honesty �the best pelocy in my boyhood.
3.� It a lot in Taipei in spring.
4.� A: How long �take you to get to work?
���� B: It takes me half an hour to get to work.
5.� He came to see his grandmother .
6.� Henderson �going to work.
7.� Sara usually �hard.
8.� Alice: �do you go to the movies, Jean?
���� Jean: Once a week.
9.� My father �very hard when he was young.
10. Jane �sick until three days ago.
11. The game has started. I wonder how long ago .
12. We �a good time last Sunday.
13. Have you heard from Dora lately? She �here the other day.
14. He was afraid that he might be late, so he �the contract by fax.
15. There �a baseball game next Wednesday night.
16. I �up on my algebra next Saturday.
17. We will go home when the train .
18. It will rain when the wind .
19. After the class �over, ask the teacher what you don't understand.
20. John �her your message when he sees her.
21. If silver �scarcer than gold, it will no doubt have a greater value.