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Girl long ago

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Jane Brewster lived in America many years ago. She lived in a log cabin in the woods. It had one room. Her family slept, ate, worked, and played in
that one room.
Jane had many jobs to do. She carried water from the well. She helped cook and sew. She took care of her little brother.
Jane did not go to school. She had her lessons in the big room. Her mother was her teacher. Sometimes Jane felt lonely. There were no children nearby. She wished she had a friend.
Once a month her father went to town. Sometimes he took Jane. Once he bought her a pretty ribbon. She was very excited. Not many girls ever
owned a pretty silk ribbon!
Circle the best answer:
1. This story took place:
a. recently������� b. long ago���������������� c. last year��������
2. Which things were done in the big room?
a. eating����������������� b. learning���������������� c. sleeping��������������� d. shopping��������������� e. sewing��������� f. a ,b,c���
3. How do you think Jane felt about shopping in town?
a. lonely������������� b. nervous������������������ c. excited���������������������� d. bored��
4. Were ribbons a special gift in Jane�s time?
a.Yes��������������b. No������������������������������ c. I don't know���������
5. How does Jane�s life compare with yours?
a. not so different������������������������������� b. better������������������� c. the same����������������� d. very different�������
6. Where did Jane get water?
a. glass�������������������������� �b. faucet��������������������� c. well������������������� d. lake
7. What did Jane want?
a. a ribbon������������������������� b. a trip���������������� c. a friend�������