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Grammar practice - present continuous

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Grammar practice

Present continuous
Look at the pictures. What are they doing? Choose the correct option.

He  up and down.                       She .

They .                            The chef  a meal.
 Pete and Jane  TV.       He  in the sea.   
They  football.                    Maggie .


read the questions and choose the correct answer.

Is he playing the piano?    


Are they ice-skating?    


  Are they hiking? 


 Is it raining?  


Is she eating a sandwich?


 Are they listening to music?


read and complete the dialogue.

Mum: Hello, dear! Is everything OK? What  (the children / do)?

Dad: Well, Sam  (play) with the cat and Tina  (eat) chocolate outside in the garden.

Mum: And the baby? Is he sleeping?

Dad: No, he isn't. The baby  (drink) milk.

Mum:  (you / have) a good time?

Dad: Oh yes. I  (have) a great time!